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Queen's Road East


Throughout the album, the style of writing by the early Luo Dayou affect Lin Xi, and Luo Dayou with both the ability to integrate Cantonese's own musical character, but also into the development of the song's long lyrics, coupled with Luo Dayou, flowers proud of professional skill Of the composer, the whole album neat, clear style, opened the Hong Kong pop music new possibilities.

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Name 袁劍鋒、Jofeng
Date of birth 11/23
Local Guangzhou
Language 繁體中文、簡體中文、English
Constellation/faith Sagittarius, no religious beliefs
Like the food green beans, tomatoes, eggs, fish and shrimp, fried foods, milk
Do not like food celery, chicken, duck, candy, too sweet stuff
Do not eat food In addition to chickens and ducks goose fish and crabs other meat, against eating dog meat and wild animals.
favorite books history books, archaeological books, "Dream of Red Mansions", "Scholars"
favorite music American Country Music, Classical Music, Light Rock Music
favorite color white
Favorite country Taiwan, Japan
favorite language Cantonese, English, Mandarin
favorite star Hui Yinghong, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Lin Zhengying
  • 走自己的路,讓別人無路可走。
  • 自己的路自己走,活在當下。

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site name URL type and profile
MSF msf.hk Independent, non-governmental organizations engaged in humanitarian relief.
green peace www.greenpeace.org Protect the Earth, the environment and the safety and sustainable development of its various creatures and make positive changes in action.
World Conservation Union www.iucn.org International environmental protection and sustainable development as an independent international observer of the United Nations General Assembly.
United Nations Children's Fund www.unicef.org Realize the survival, development, protection and participation of mothers and children around the world.
Please keep in mind my personal homepage address: Jofeng.com. Find more websites